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A Fractal Tattoo

“M” sent in her fractal tattoo. She studied the mathematics of fractals in a Chaos Theory class in college and had always wanted one as a tattoo. After some difficulty finding an artist up for the challenge of such an intricate design, she finally found some willing to give it a shot. Unfortunately the piece is only partially done since she had to move midway through. In theory it’ll never be done though, right?

For those that aren’t math geeks, this is a Julia Set fractal, closely related to the more well known Mandelbrot Set. All I know is it looks a lot like that time I ate some candy from a stranger at a rave. I woke up the next day naked in a field surround by cows that only spoke German. Talk about awkward.

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Bucket List of Zelda Hearts

Here’s a new twist on the Zelda hearts tattoo: After growing up playing Zelda on the NES with his brothers, Ricardo got 10 hearts (5 on each side) tattooed as a reminder of the 10 things he needs to do before he dies. He’s got one filled in so far (skydiving) with 9 to go.

Only one problem he says:

The weirdest thing is, ever since I got them, there has been this incessant beeping in my head, it’s getting rather annoying >.< I need to find me a fountain or something.

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Heather’s Star* Tattoos

Heather runs a pet sitting company (Petcetera Pet Sitting) and loves Star Trek and Stargate Atlantis. This explains the shoulders full of geeky space show tattoos and the “Live, Long and Pawsper” one. I think she said that the constellation is the Atlantis origin point and the arm full of Stargate Atlantis tattoo tells you how to get to the Pegasus Galaxy from Earth, but I get lost in my own apartment sometimes so what do I know?

All work was done by Dirk Mellott at Epiphany Tattoo in Aurora, CO.

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V.I.N.CENT Tattoo

Remember The Black Hole? Many of you readers are probably too young to remember it, but Jeremy is a big fan. He says he consulted Geeky Tattoos when he was trying to decide on a first tattoo and eventually decided on V.I.N.CENT, the adorably geeky robot you see above. Now he joins the elite group of people with tattoos posted on Geeky Tattoos! (Ok, maybe not so elite, as there are over 200 of you geeks and counting)

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Logic in Binary

One of the best things about geeks is the amount of time and thought they put into just about anything they do. Joe DiCastro is a hacker, photographer, and writer who has put a lot of thought into the significance of the tattoo he chose. The binary translates to “logic”, one of Joe’s passions, but even more important was the font that Joe chose. He went with Verdana because he “wanted a humanist sans typeface” that “links the Web to Gutenberg”. If you want to read more in depth on his choice, head on over to his blog post: New Tattoo – “Logic”

His tattoo artist was Wendi Koontz at Rising Dragon Tattoo.

(Do you realize how hard it was to avoid a Spock joke in this post? Especially since I just watched This Side of Paradise before writing this.)

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Mega Man Tattoo

Brandon’s back with a new geeky tattoo. Remember his Triforce and USB tattoos? Now he’s added Mega Man to his collection. I really think he should get together with this guy and make Mega Man dance!

Tattoo was done by Justin Brewer at 18 Story Tattoo.

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Taking it Old School: Commodore 64 Tattoos

Brian was a video game geek probably before you were even born. He was rocking Loderunner on the Commodore 64 back in the day, and even had the patience to edit his own levels and share them with friends.

Even earlier than that he was rocking out on the Intellivision. His arm band is of the Intellivision Running Man. That’s right kids, back in our day we didn’t have none of this fancy Retina Display crap. Our pixels were big and blocky, just they way they should be.

Both tattoos by Nerm at Distinct Ink in Carson City.

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Triforce Tuesday: Can You Stomach It?

Sara loves Zelda. It was one of her first video games that she would play on the SNES, although she says Ocarina of Time is her favorite. In honor of her favorite game she got it inked by Fugi at Fugi’s Tattoo Shop in Longivew, TX. Another pic below!

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Every now and then I get a tattoo in my inbox that has me asking “is that ‘geeky’ enough?”. Sometimes I don’t know the answer but I just have to share the tattoo regardless of its level of geekiness. This one really makes me smile. Remember these guys?

James is the owner of this incredibly well done and equally awesome Sesame Street tattoo.

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Tachyon and Graviton

JD likes letters. He also likes quantum physics.
His favorite theoretical particles? Tachyon and Graviton.
My understanding of quantum physics? Let’s just say thanks Wikipedia.
(Side note: do you guys remember the Gravitron?!?)

I think maybe the photo’s backwards though, as these are obviously a tribute to Geeky Tattoos, right JD? Here, I’ve made some minor improvements on your photo:

(You might want to get that hand looked at though)

Ink by Rob Holland at Stainless Studios

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