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Reader Tattoo Roundup #12

It’s about that time again. Here’s a round up of some of the many tattoos I’ve received from readers:

First up is Felipe’s Megaman tattoo. He eloquently explained why he got this classic video game character:


Next up is Chad’s pair of mushroom tattoos. He writes:

I have a been in love with geeky/nerdy tattoos for a long time. who else but the nerd culture can take something as gritty and raw as tattoos and use that to express just how much win we have. So for your approval I submit my tattoos. I got them in Okinawa, Japan at Black Ink Tattoo by Yoshi (site doesn’t appear to work). They are simple. I have intentions to have full sleeves done with villains on onside and heroes on the other.

And last but not least is Rugrat‘s atomic elbow tattoo. He explains:

My name is Rugrat. I got my tattoo done by Fawn Baker at Studio 13 in Columbus, Ohio. Ever since I was in elementary school, I was obsessed with science. Particularly then, I was interested in magnets, atoms, and electricity. I used to draw the atomic symbol on everything I owned when I was in second grade. This tattoo kind of harkens back to that and also connects to my current obsessions (all sort of still in the realm of science). I chose to get it on my elbow because I’m also really into punk and lots of kids get stupid shit like spiderwebs or bike cogs there.

If you’ve got a geek tattoo that you think is worthy of posting on Geeky Tattoos, send it in!

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