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Hearts and Chains

Jason‘s got a mix of old school gaming with the 8-bit Zelda hearts as well as new school gaming with both the Aperture logo and BioShock chains. He says the 3 hearts are for his wife, son, and daughter. The Aperture logo? A double whammy since he loves photography and Portal! I’d ask more about what’s up with the chains, but I dunno if I want to know that much about Jason!

All this video game ink was done by Jeff D at Iron Age Studios in St Louis.

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Na na na na na na BATMAN!

Either Angie’s working on a Bat-Belt of her own, or she’s a big Batman fan. I’m guessing the latter cause I don’t want to know how she’s going to carry that Batarang. She’s got Batman on one hip and Batgirl on the other, with plans for possible putting the Joker in between them on her back. Both tattoos were done by Chris Adamek of Immortal Ink in Clinton, NJ.

A no-prize for those of you that counted whether or not I had the right amount of “na”s. Oh crap, am I allowed to give out no-prizes on a DC comics post?

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What’s Inside Justin?

Justin writes:

The Hylian shield and Master Sword were because I wanted a sword and shield to go with another tattoo I have, and I am a Legend of Zelda fan. The gear/circuit panel is a cover-up, but I always wanted a tear-away/opening panel tat that showed a “mechanical/android” theme. The artist designed most of it based on pictures from the inside of my computer and a bicep tattoo that I found with gears that I liked, but I requested that he change the lower processor to a heart shape, and I think it came out well. The power button fits into the mechanical android theme.

Tattoos were done by James at Anchorage Tattoo Studio in Anchorage, Alaska

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Three Extra Lives?

My name is Danielle (I’m on the right in the picture.) My brother (Ray) and sister (Natalie – the short one) and I just got some geeky tattoos together. I know the 1-up mushroom tattoo in particular is pretty popular, but we decided to get it as a “sibling tat”. We don’t really have the same tastes in almost anything else, but the old school Mario Bros. is something we all connect to and connect with our childhood. We had been planning this for a while, and it worked out perfectly that we could get it done right around Ray’s 20th birthday, and Natalie’s high school graduation. They live in California and I in Las Vegas, so they came down for the weekend and we got it done at LV Ink House by Patrick (me and Ray) and Donovan. The family that tattoos together, stays together, right?

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Triforce Tuesday: One Part of the Triforce

Rob and two of his friends are all getting an outline of the triforce tattooed on them. Once they’re all done they’ll each get a different triangle shaded in. So if you want to make a wish, you’ll have to find all three of them. (there’s a good pick-up line in there somewhere, I just know it) Rob’s going to get the top one, the Triforce of Power, filled in.

Tattoo by Todd at Icon Tattoos.

Triforce Tuesday is the result of everybody sending in triforce related tattoos. They’re popular and I want to showcase some of the better ones. If you’ve got a triforce related tattoo, send it in and see if you make the cut for Triforce Tuesday.

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Gun and Bullet Bill Tattoo

Jason from Jacksonville sent in his couple of video game tattoos. An excellently executed Bullet Bill tattoo from the world of the Mario Brothers, and a tribute to the Nintendo Zapper and old school gaming. Both were done by Adam Pondozzi at Autograf Tattoo.

Jason also mentioned that he’s getting a tattoo from his brother of all the power ups from Super Mario 3. I can’t wait to see how that turns out.

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Block Lotus Tattoo

I’ll admit, I’m a recovering Magic: The Gathering addict. If I had more friends around that played I’d probably relapse faster than the Millennium Falcon. Although in my years of playing I never got a tattoo dedicated to it. Go ahead, call me a wimp.

However Robert was mana-enough to put his skin under the needle and got the best (and most expensive) card ever tattooed on his arm: the Black Lotus. He’s been playing Magic for more than 15 years. If you run into him during a Magic tournament, you better watch out cause he’s got something up his sleeve. If you want to get your own Black Lotus, it’s probably cheaper to get the tattoo than the card. Or you can do what I did back in the day, and just make a counterfeit and piss off all your friends.

Inked at Mosquito Beach Tattoo Company in Monticello, Arkansas.

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Gears of War Tattoo

Alex sent in his Gears of War tattoo, done by Little E of Artistic Editions in Dover, DE. He says he got the Gears of War cog logo because he wanted something that would be recognizable to gamers, but also interesting enough for non-gamers.

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Jon’s a Death Eater!

Apparently Voldemort is working at Body Art Tattoo these days, and he goes by the name “William“. Ha, you can’t fool us, we know it’s you Voldy cause who else would have put the Dark Mark you see above on Jon’s arm?

Jon insists that he got the Dark Mark not because he’s a Death Eater, but because he’s an epic nerd who read a lot of Harry Potter growing up, and it looks bad-ass.

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Carnage and Venom Foot Tattoos

One of my favorite Spider-Man stories was always “Maximum Carnage“, so it made me smile to see two of my favorite characters (y’know other than the smokin’ hot Mary-Jane) tattooed on the feet of Isabelle. She’s loved Spider-Man since she was a kid, so she says it was an obvious choice for tattoos. I agree, a good choice for metatarsal adornment. (Matthew and Thomas are the names of her brothers btw)

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