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Peat’s Dinosaur Tattoos

Peat, a member of the awesomely named band You Bred Raptors? writes:

This set of tattoos was my first (of many). 3 sittings. 3 hours for the Parasauralophus and 4 hours for the Plesiosaur. There was a plethora of reasons for getting this done and waiting till the ripe age of 28 to do so.

Long story short, it was a declaration to myself that I had achieved the goal of supporting myself through playing and performing original music in NYC. I’m in a dinosaur themed band ( so this is extra geeky. This city is brutal and thankless. But I wouldn’t want it any differently. Tattoos and piercings were always forbidden in my strict Christian upbringing. So this was a major cut to the umbilical cord. My father, who has never seemed proud of my music accomplishments was the only reason I waited as long as I did. He always loved me but never really believed in me as a musician or a man. I’ll be shunned for awhile because of this but that’s not something I can control. I have a bit of optimism that he will surprise me and be cool with my life choices, even if they aren’t what he had in mind for me. We’ll see…

Oh I also got them because dinosaurs kick ass. Wanna fight about it?

Designed and Tattooed by the AMAZING Alice White at No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo in Philadelphia, PA. She’s well worth the commute.

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  1. Lea says

    I hope his father softened – any update from Peat?