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Larry the Gender Challenged Cow

Lowe writes:

Got this one done at Swahili Bobs in Stockholm, Sweden ( ) artist was Roger. The backstory is quite simple, I am a huge open source/free software fan and Gentoo was my first GNU/Linux distribution.

Ed Note: The title of this post was the subject of Lowe’s email. make no claims about the gender identity of said cow, and does not believe previously mentioned cow should be forced to pick a single gender, much like many linux users can’t stick with just one distribution. I mean I’ve been through at least half a dozen myself. Linux distributions that is.

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2 Responses

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  1. Harry says


    nice tattoo :)
    It rembers me of Gentoo instantly.

  2. SmashArtist says

    Yeh that’s pretty geeky, clean work though.