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Heather’s Star* Tattoos

Heather runs a pet sitting company (Petcetera Pet Sitting) and loves Star Trek and Stargate Atlantis. This explains the shoulders full of geeky space show tattoos and the “Live, Long and Pawsper” one. I think she said that the constellation is the Atlantis origin point and the arm full of Stargate Atlantis tattoo tells you how to get to the Pegasus Galaxy from Earth, but I get lost in my own apartment sometimes so what do I know?

All work was done by Dirk Mellott at Epiphany Tattoo in Aurora, CO.

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4 Responses

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  1. John says

    wow! i wanna get tattoos like that too. earth symbol on the shoulder.. exactly what i was thinking. looks great!

  2. Emre ┼×ile says

    Do You Married me :))) basserpick :)

  3. Matt Gualdarrama says

    The Atlantis address is in the wrong order.