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Blooper Tattoo

You know, the first time I played the water level with Mario I was pissed. I just couldn’t get the hang of swimming and I kept swimming straight into the stupid Blooper , killing myself over and over. Bethany obviously didn’t have that problem because she looks fondly back on her childhood and the role Blooper played in it. She’s also a big fan of squids. (Shhh, don’t tell her that calamari is delicious!)

She got this Blooper of a tattoo done by Erin over at Lady Luck Tattoos in Owensboro, KY.

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Mike’s Got a Computer Up His Sleeve

Mike sent in his computer-theme sleeve that he started last year. So far he’s got a power button, CPU, A/V ports, WiFi, and a power cord. He also said that he had printer support, but I didn’t see a USB or parallel port anywhere in the photo. Perhaps he’s hiding them behind some annoying little flap of plastic that you don’t realize opens until 3 months after you bought the damn thing, when you suddenly go “oh, so that’s where the extra USB ports are!”

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Stef’s Mobius Heart Tattoo

Stef saw that her boyfriend got his Brotherhood of Steel tattoo posted. She, like the rest of us, know that huge boost of geek cred you get when your geeky tattoo is posted, so Stef knew she had to try to outgeek him.

She’s got her own geek tattoo of a mobius strip heart wrapped around a brain. She’s always been a science geek and tended to read theoretical astrophysics books for fun, but when she went to college she became a psych major. Get this, her honors thesis was a paper on the psycho-therapeutic effects of body modification for people with chronic pain. So to commemorate her passions in life she got the tattoo you see above. She says, “This symbolizes infinite thought and love and the infinite loop that unites the two. One time there was something about the 4th and 5th spatial dimensions….but I was [redacted] and I don’t remember it anymore…..”

Tattoo was done by Shawn Van Oven at Shaman’s Den.

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Kingdom Hearts Heartless Tattoo

Hey guys, you know that girlfriend you’ve got? Yeah, I’m talking about the one that doesn’t like the video games that you love. Let me guess, you’ve been trying to get her into video games for years with no luck. She’s nice enough to not delete your WoW account when you aren’t looking, but she has no interest in playing games herself. Well don’t lose hope, sometimes they do come around! That’s what happened with Jessica.

My boyfriend of the last five years has been trying to get me into video games forever. I finally caved and started playing things like Rock Band, The Legend of Zelda, and the latest Kingdom Hearts. That game is one of his favorite games ever. For our anniversary he bought me an oathkeeper keychain. He was absolutely ecstatic that I became enamored with the game. I love the story behind Kingdom Hearts, especially with the Heartless and Nobodies. When I saw this image I knew I had to get it as my next tattoo…

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Pixelated Tree Tattoo

Kyle is the proud owner of the pixelated tree you see above. He says it reminds him that “no matter how hard things may get, you’ve got to keep it together”. (Kind of surprised he didn’t work “rooted” into that description) Oh, and he’s also going after a career in game design, so the pixels are appropriate for this geek.

Ink by Cameron at Tat-Fu in Flagstaff, Arizona.

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Remember, Don’t Panic!

Sometimes life throws some major changes your way and you have to remember one thing: Don’t Panic. After going through a nasty breakup, moving across the state, and going back to school, MJ felt she needed a permanent reminder of this mantra so she got Tony at Gus’s Tattoo Studio to ink the Hitchhiker’s Guide advice on her forearm.

UPDATE: Oops, turns out MJ is female! Updated pronouns in the post. See people, this is why you should include photos of yourself and not just the tattoo! Or at least let me know what gender pronoun I should use in your post. :)

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X-Wing & TIE Fighter Tattoo

Christie’s got a pretty awesome boyfriend so all you nerf herders don’t have a chance. Why is he awesome? He got her this Star Wars tattoo as a birthday present. Really nice work by Eli at Two Kings Tattoos

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Dinosaur Comics Tattoo

If you aren’t reading Dinosaur Comics, you’re missing out. Liam is a fan and has been since at least 2008. That’s when he went to Wild at Heart Tattoo in Brisbane, Australia to get the second panel with T-Rex tattooed on his back.

Good thing he didn’t get a tattoo with a couple “H”s in it.

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Star Wars: Playing Both Sides

Star Wars - Both Sides

Oops, found this old geeky tattoo from last year that somehow didn’t get posted. Oh well, these things are permanent so I guess Jonathon still has his symbols of Star Wars infatuation. Perhaps he’s figured out the confusion over which side he’s on by now.

Ink by Derrick at Skinfinity Ink in Winter Haven, FL.

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Reader Tattoo Roundup #13

Time for another cleaning out of the inbox a bit. Here’s some of the latest tattoo submissions:

First up is Alastair‘s “Man’s Ruin” tattoo showing all of the vices that will be the end of him. He got it done by Gary at Living Colour Tattoo. Photo isn’t the best, but I also included the design it was based on, originally done by Nina Matsumoto

Next up is Eric‘s Starfleet insignia by Benjamin Asher at New Breed Tattoo in West Lafayette, Indiana.

And then there’s Dave’s Decepticon tattoo bolted to his leg. (By Drew at Bluebird Tattoo in Portage, Indiana)

And finally Taegan sent in her tattoo of the mobile emitter for The Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager. (Done by Kate from Enchanted Ink)

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