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Maeghan’s Synthesizer Tattoo

Maeghan writes:

Love your site!!! I am a musician, specifically a pianist & keyboardist, I write and record my own music. (I also have ADHD so my album is not completed, but it should be done before I pass on.)
I recently went to Las Vegas to get married and my husband and I decided to get tattooed together. This would be the first tattoo for me; for him it was would be his 14th.
I decided to go for synthesizer knobs because “I LOVE KNOBS”, anything to change a sound. I decided to go with 4 knobs that are almost always¬†grouped together. In fact, they are usually just referred to by their acronym, ADSR. ADSR stands for “attack”, “delay”, “sustain”, and “release” … they are the knobs that control either the amplifier’s envelope or the filter’s envelope. Envelope is the technical term that sums up “how sound is shaped in time”.
I already have plans to put more knobs on my other arm. My husband decided to go with a space invader, nothing more needs to be said.

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3 Responses

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  1. Jim says

    Might be worth finding an artist who doesn't suck next time… those both look pretty horrible.

  2. nonemoreblack says

    none of these go up to 11

  3. Pol O'Muireadhaigh says

    Heres 2 of my Geeky Tatts.

    Boba Fett/Judge Dredd & a tribute to Leonard Nimoy, Done by Marco from Bull Ink in Dublin Ireland