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Submit Your Geeky Tattoo

If you’ve got a geeky tattoo to share, please send it in to with a descriptive subject and include as much of the follow as you can:
– Your name and what name/nickname you want me to use in a post if you don’t want me to use your real name
– Where you got the tattoo done (artist and shop if you remember, extra points for the shop website url)
– Why you got the tattoo, or at least a little backstory. (If you don’t give me this, I might make something up!)
– A high resolution (minimum of 640×480) photo of the tattoo that’s in focus! Best to have someone else take it outside or in a brightly lit room without the flash.
– Your website, Twitter account, whatever you want me to link to.

Please, please, please make the subject something unique and descriptive! Help me be able to find your submission in my overflowing inbox and there’s a better chance I’ll post it and you’ll get fame, fortune, and all the hot geeky girls/boys. (I swear, if I get another email with a subject of “my geeky tattoo”…)

Don’t forget to follow us @geekytattoos to find out when yours gets posted!

Legalese stuff:
By submitting your photo you acknowledge that you have the legal right to submit the image, and that you are giving us (, aka Free For All Media, Inc) a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable right to modify, publish, reproduce, distribute, display, or otherwise utilize the image for any purpose in any form or medium.

In short, currently we stamp your image (so that original ownership traceable back to you through us), post it on the website, and may use it in other venues (like a magazine, or book, or other website or something). You still retain ownership of the original image and can use it however you want, but we can too. We subscribe to the “Do no evil” approach to everything and will always use your image in good faith. If for some reason you feel your image is not being used in good faith or if you have any questions, please contact us at