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Triforce Tuesday: Can You Stomach It?

Sara loves Zelda. It was one of her first video games that she would play on the SNES, although she says Ocarina of Time is her favorite. In honor of her favorite game she got it inked by Fugi at Fugi’s Tattoo Shop in Longivew, TX. Another pic below!

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8 Responses

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  1. gus says

    damn that's hot!!

  2. William Cobb says

    Gods, I really hate myself but I think someone is going to make the joke so I might as well [Down this if you must]: I'd like to poke her with my master sword.

    Yes, my mind is full of perverted thoughts, and I like it that way.

  3. Chris says

    Not to be mean or anything, but the work is kind of shaky. I honestly wouldn't go to that guy now…

  4. Tattoo Supply LA says

    Wow… That is quite the work… very interesting placement, but I agree with @Chris

  5. Brie says

    Wow, I really hope she never has kids. That will look AWFUL after a pregnancy!

  6. gabriel says

    nice…huh…tattoo… hehehee!!!

  7. kjjkjkk says

    the crest is fine but triforce is 100% messed up and uneven…. any zelda fan would be disappointed to end up with it

  8. Awakening says

    Gotta Love It!
    *Song of Time Plays*…
    Totally would put my “master sword” … in it’s place… then out again.
    Then I’d take it back, and put it back.
    Then take it back again of course… cause I need it, ya know…
    That might not end up making sense, but ah, Thanks for the picture love! It looks mighty fine on you :)