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The 25 Geekiest Knuckle Tattoos

Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… The Geekiest Knuckle Tattoos!

A lot of these tattoos are from and the rest have been posted here on GeekyTattoos previously. I highly recommend you click through to get the full story on each tattoos. Some of them aren’t immediately apparent why they’re geeky unless you’re in the know. Also allow yourself to get sucked into the hundreds of other knuckle tattoos over on

Which knuckle tattoo deserves to be crowned the geekiest?

Got a geekier knuckle tattoo or know of one we missed? Let us know!

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9 Responses

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  1. pharmer_clothes says

    I love these! My favorites are the pacman, knit purl, and pew pew ones.

  2. Sam S says

    Now we need to see someone with ^ V < > a b start (up down left right a b start)

  3. Nathan Black says

    Thanks for the shout out, y'all!

    Every time I think I've found the craziest knuckle tattoo, something new comes in…

  4. JeffO says

    I think 'the code' would make an awesome knuckle tattoo, if you could figure out how to fit the whole thing on 8 fingers…

  5. seventhirteen says


  6. Tamfang says

    I’m toying with the thought of: crescent, molet, martlet, annulet, fleur-de-lys, rose, cross moline, octofoil

  7. Adam says

    Love them. My fav is nerd and free wifi coz I am a nerd. lol

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