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Darryl’s Zelda Sleeve

It’s Triforce Tuesday Time! Darryl sent in his sleeve in progress. He writes:

Originally I got the Triforce done and I wasn’t sure what else I wanted done, until I saw an image that fit perfectly under the curve of the Triforce. Now I have ideas for the rest of my arm, with Zora’s Domain currently being drawn up.

I started playing Zelda when I was very young, both my parents worked so I would come home from school to play Zelda. I’ve always had a fascination with video games and I can’t see myself ever, not, having one either.

Tattoo is being done by Damien (Damo) at Wildside Tattoo in Brisbane, Australia.

Triforce Tuesday is the result of everybody sending in triforce related tattoos. They’re popular and I want to showcase some of the better ones. If you’ve got a triforce related tattoo, send it in and see if you make the cut for Triforce Tuesday.

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  1. Grace says

    Good looking on the pics Enrique. The slveee is fiyah and I always get compliments from people. U always do your thing and got me and all my boys looking right. Apreciate it homie!