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Nintendo Knuckles

No, I’m not talking about those cramps you get in your hands when you’ve been sitting in front of the console too long trying to beat Contra for the 2,174th time. (What? I’m the only one that still has trouble beating that stupid boss on level 2?) I’m talking about Abject’s awesome Nintendo knuckles tattoo. He writes:

..I knew I wanted something ridiculously nerdy so I put it to my friends on Twitter to give me an 8 letter, geeky word that best described me. My friend Liz came up with Nintendo and I knew she had the winner right then. As I was getting the tattoo done I realized I still had room for “SEGA” and “XBOX” on my lower knuckles for future tattoos – a win/win situation all around! How could I lose?

You can’t lose. It’s like have infinite lives. Reverend Todd over at Homeward Bound Tattoo bestowed the letters of awesome onto Abject’s hands. You can check out Abject’s site at or follow him on Twitter @abject

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