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Jaden’s NERD/DORK Knuckle Tattoos and More

Jaden’s working on a PhD in entomology as well as quite the collection of geeky tattoos, including some of my favorite knuckle tattoos. These NERD and DORK knuckle tattoos are Jaden coming to terms with the nerd/dork that he is.

The Game Boy thumb tattoos are not just the awesomest (shutup spell check, it’s a word) thumb tattoos, but also a sign of his love of the Game Boy. He was such a Game Boy addict that at one point he had over 300 games before an unfortunate moving “disappearance”.

He also has a Triforce branding (yes branding + tattoo) that he got because of his love for the old school Zelda games back in the day before there was all this 3D stuff. (Yes kids, we used to play games in a 2D world and it was the best thing ever!)

And I have to at least mention the last tattoo he sent me, even though I can’t post it with the whole attempt to be work-safe and all. Let’s just say he has Pikachu in a… unfortunate place. I hope Pikachu doesn’t mind getting sat on every day.

TriForce was done by Billi Woodi at Exotica in Orlando, FL.
Knuckle dusters were done by Bear at Trinity Tattoos in Sanford, FL.
Game Boy thumbs were done by Bear at Trinity Tattoos in Sanford, FL.
Pikachu ass tattoo is also by Bear.

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