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Don’t Panic!

As Ivan wrote in: “Good advice on your 30th birthday”. Although I have to wonder if maybe he should have gotten it in reverse so he could read it in the mirror. Or maybe his motivation was to reassure everyone that he wasn’t as complicated as he seems if they were to meet him without a shirt on. Either way, this tattoo was done by Kelly Smith at Body Graphics in Philadelphia.

Those of you missing the reference, please turn in your geek card. If you want to earn it back, you’ll have to go read the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Come on, isn’t that required reading?

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Hello Kitty + Star Wars = Darth Kitty Tattoo

Stephanie sent in her pair of geekified Hello Kitty tattoos. She combined her lifelong love of Star Wars with a little bit of girlyness (her own words) and ended up with Darth Kitty and Stormtrooper Kitty. Nice mix Stephanie!

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Shawn’s Stargate Tattoo

So a little bit of computer issues and other things have kept me quite busy. Sorry for the lull in posts! To make up for it, I bring you an amazing Stargate tattoo.

This one is from Shawn Hill and was done by Todo at ABT Tattoo Studio. Shawn says he’s a big scifi geek and loves the show. I’ll be honest, I’m not up on my Stargate knowledge, so a lot of this will probably make more sense to some of you Stargate geeks out there, but Shawn writes:

I put the Stargate SG-1 gate around the perimeter with a DHD in the middle. The gate address for Earth is highlighted in orange on the DHD portion. The Stargate is on the back of a turtle for 2 reasons. My son loves Turtles and various cultures and mythologies believe the earth is riding on the back of a turtle through the universe so it seemed a good tie in. The Stargate wormhole effect surrounds the Turtle.

He says that he’s not done inking his arm just yet though. He’s still working on ideas to turn the turtle into a full sleeve of some sort. So if you’ve got suggestions, let him know!

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Final Fantasy Chocobo Tattoo

This Chocobo tattoo isn’t Molly’s first geek tattoo. I posted her golden snitch tattoo almost a year ago. This time Molly shares her ink and flesh tribute to Final Fantasy. She says she got this tattoo because she’s been obsessed with FF ever since she started playing as a little girl. She also thinks that chocobos are “adorkable”.

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Kylee’s Geeky Sleeve

Kylee is no stranger to Geeky Tattoos. You might remember her Boba Fett tattoo that was previously posted. Now she’s gotten back to me with photos of her extensive geeky sleeve. With nods to Disgaea, Final Fantasy, X-Files, V For Vendetta, and Pink Floyd it’s easy to appreciate this geek badge of honor. I’ll leave the exercise of picking out which is which to you.

The Pink Floyd, V for Vendetta, and X-Files bits were done by Kenny at Fire and Ice in Spencer, IA.
The Disgaea, Final Fantasy, stars, and previously mentioned Boba Fett were done by Chad Sanchez at Skin Art Tattoo in Sioux City, IA.

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Custom Garbage Pail Kid Tattoo

Are Garbage Pail Kids geeky? I’m not sure, but if it involves sciency-looking stuff and it’s modeled after yourself I think it gets the “Geek” stamp. That’s exactly why Chelsea Brewer’s tattoo gets the Geek stamp. Her Garbage Pail Kid name? Chelsea Brewing.

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New Server

I’ve moved Geeky Tattoos over to a new server where things should run better. But as with any changes, things could break. If you see anything out of the ordinary or broken please email me. Thanks!

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Reader Tattoo Round-Up #9

We’ve got another flood of geek tattoos in the inbox again, so it’s time for a Reader Tattoo Round-Up:

Yapi shares her subtle Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tattoo in honor of Raphael. She says: ” I wanted a tattoo that looks like a generic tattoo to regular people, but those who know the ninja turtles will be able to identify it as a Raphael.” Her ink was done by Mark at Wild Ones Tattoo.

Troy says Geeky Tattoos inspired him to finally get his geeky tattoo, a Star Trek comm badge, from Pair-A-Dice Tattoo in Juneau, Alaska.. He says:

I bought a Star Trek Comm Badge tie pin and I found myself getting bummed out everytime I took of my tie cause I longer had the pin on. I have wanted a tattoo for a long time and I couldn’t settle on anything until I realized the comm badge is perfect! I not only love Star Trek, but I’d be a constant reminder of the future I wish to create.

Kathryn’s friend saw the Doctor Who TIme Lord Seal tattoo I posted and told her to send in her own Seal of Rassilon. I didn’t realize how hardcore some of you Doctor Who fans are!

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Quelyn’s Inked Shoulders

Quelyn sent in some pics of her geeky tattooed shoulders. One shoulder is the classic Silver Surfer, while the other is the manga/anime character Naruto.

And if you weren’t sure of her level of geekiness, check out her blog, where her latest entry is titled with the correct star date and she has pics from her friggin awesome light saber wedding! Geek love is the best.

Both tattoos were done by Tom Yak from Electric Tattoo in Bradley Beach NJ.

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Tattoo of the Time Lord Seal

Benjamin shows off his fresh ink. It’s his first tattoo and I’m glad to see it’s a geeky one. For those not in the know, it’s the Time Lord Seal from the Doctor Who series. You older geeks may not recognize it, since it’s apparently a new design for the more recent series. Benjamin also gets a No-Prize for wearing a super geeky shirt while getting tattooed:

Tattoo inked by Katie at No Regrets.
Shirt by diesel sweeties.
Photos from Benjamin’s Flickr set.

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