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My Spoon is Too Big!

Dan’s spoon is too big!

Still confused? More info

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Hack the Planet Tattoo!

Brad’s “Hack the Planet” tattoo is just plain awesome. I don’t know what else to say about it, well other than that I’m grateful we don’t have to go around hunting in trash cans for floppy disks anymore. I’m not sure which shows my age more, remembering the movie Hackers or remembering the days where we used floppy disks.

For extra bonus points Brad also included his Super Mario Brothers inspired tattoos:

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Matching Battlestar Galactica Tattoos

It’s no doubt that Jacob and Julee are Battlestar Galactica fans as they have the same matching tattoos that Starbuck and Anders have in the new series. This lovely blackwork was done at Raven Wolf Tattoo. A closer shot:

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Kitty’s Cuttlefish Tattoo

Kitty Stryker writes in to share another xkcd tattoo. This time it’s the adorable (and potentially dangerous if the biologists’s succeed) cuttlefish from this strip.

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Star Wars Burlesque Tattoo

If you’re a geek like me, then you’re probably drooling familiar with the Star Wars Burlesque show that happened in LA back in January. Well Bryce Nadeau (of Kustom Kulture Tattoo) saw the photos too and persuaded his friend Kevin Squire to let him tattoo the above image of Courtney Cruz on him. Awesome. The original photo is by Shannon Cottrell for L.A. Weekly and Bryce did a wonderful job translating it to ink and skin.

If you missed Devil’s Playground’s first “Star Warz” burlesque show, you’ve got a second chance for the encore performance on March 12th, at the Henry Fonda Theater. Tickets can be purchased here. If only I was in LA that weekend…

via L.A. Weekly
Photos by Bryce Nadeau and Shannon Cottrell

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Star Trek Shoulder Blades

I get a lot of Star Trek tattoos submitted, but most of the time it’s the Star Fleet insignia or the Enterprise. It’s always nice to get something a little bit different and Anna delivers this time. She sent in a picture of her two shoulder blade tattoos that she designed. One side is Klingon; the phrase “Qapla’ batlha je” translates to “Success and Honor”. The other side has the Academy’s motto: “From the stars, knowledge”.

The funny part is that she took these to her tattoo artist who didn’t know anything about Star Trek! *gasp* Could someone please go educate Sara at OC Tattoo on this important part of geek culture? Thanks.

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It’s a Windows Party!

Brett writes in:

So I have a very big obsession with Microsoft, and more with Windows. I had always wanted a tattoo but, at first, didn’t know what to get or where to get it. Finally I figured the Windows flag would be perfect for me since I’m such a fanboy. For about a year or 2 I told everybody my idea, and most people thought it was stupid.

Well finally, 1 person told me it was an awesome idea: my current girlfriend. We work at the help desk at LSU and I was training her one day and told her my tattoo idea and she LOVED it. The next week, I didn’t tell anybody and got it. I then updated Loopt and said “At Deja Vu” (Deja Vu was the tattoo parlor) and my girlfriend called me immediately when she saw that and freaked out. It was great.

Oh, and the cake is from a Windows 7 party I hosted at my house when it launched.

Not only did he get an incredibly geeky tattoo, he also checked in with Loopt, a location sharing service, for extra geeky points! Personally I’m a Dodgeball Foursquare fan, but I won’t hold that against him.

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Reader Tattoo Round-Up #10

Brian sends in his nicely shaded d20.

Tim sent in his Hitchhiker’s Guide tattoo and even though it’s not technically “geeky” I just had to include his Zombie Smurf tattoo. Both are by Rik at D’nile.

Paisley sends in her hot glue gun tattoo (by The Todd at The Velvet Grip), explaining:

I’ve been involved with Odyssey of the Mind for the last 10 years. Even though I’ve graduated high school, I continue to compete on a college team along with coaching a middle/high school team. Rarely does a day go by that I don’t have a glue gun in my hand at some point.

And finally Jorge sends in his Gundam tattoo from Mexico.

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Minna’s Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Tattoo

Minna sent us an email all the way from Sweden to share her Twilight Princess tattoo and triforce. She says they were done by Marika at Buzzstop28 in Gothenburg.

Thanks Minna!

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BME World Tour Contest: Please Vote!

We interrupt your normal dose of geeky ink to bring you an important special announcement:

Hi, I’m Ed, the guy behind all of the posts here. I’ve been interested in body modification for my whole life and love writing about it and sharing it with people. Many of you I’m sure have heard of BMEzine, one of my favorite sites for body mod. It is the most esteemed site for information, experiences, and photos related to tattoos, piercings, scarification, and the various forms of body modification. They’re running a contest right now to pick 4 people to go on a journey around the world and report back on body modification and the people involved with it around the world. I’ve applied and have been chosen as one of the 18 finalists. Needless to say I’m stoked and honored to even be considered for this. Here’s the audition video I sent in:

Currently a poll is being conducted to help narrow down the finalists. If you think I’ve got what it takes to travel the world for up to three months and write/photograph/video the adventure, please take a minute to head over to BMEzine and kindly vote for me (Ed). You can vote for up to 4 people, so pick out your favorites. Hurry though, voting ends at 12:01am PST March 1st!

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