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Block Lotus Tattoo

I’ll admit, I’m a recovering Magic: The Gathering addict. If I had more friends around that played I’d probably relapse faster than the Millennium Falcon. Although in my years of playing I never got a tattoo dedicated to it. Go ahead, call me a wimp.

However Robert was mana-enough to put his skin under the needle and got the best (and most expensive) card ever tattooed on his arm: the Black Lotus. He’s been playing Magic for more than 15 years. If you run into him during a Magic tournament, you better watch out cause he’s got something up his sleeve. If you want to get your own Black Lotus, it’s probably cheaper to get the tattoo than the card. Or you can do what I did back in the day, and just make a counterfeit and piss off all your friends.

Inked at Mosquito Beach Tattoo Company in Monticello, Arkansas.

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