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Jon’s a Death Eater!

Apparently Voldemort is working at Body Art Tattoo these days, and he goes by the name “William“. Ha, you can’t fool us, we know it’s you Voldy cause who else would have put the Dark Mark you see above on Jon’s arm?

Jon insists that he got the Dark Mark not because he’s a Death Eater, but because he’s an epic nerd who read a lot of Harry Potter growing up, and it looks bad-ass.

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5 Responses

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  1. Jon says

    Wooo! I got posted! Thanks!

    The design itself was drawn by my best mate, Naties (

  2. Hattie says

    Oh John, u silly head. congratulations for ur geekyness though.

  3. robert linn says

    kewl someone else here with a dark mark. Check out Robert's geeky tv tattoos and see mine.

  4. meredith says

    Way to make 85% of your readers feel old…"read a lot of Harry Potter growing up"…YIKES. I'm gonna go back to my Ultima 4 game now.

    It is a cool tattoo though, and I like the idea of getting a physical mark from the series as a physical mark on yourself. I would like a fake lightning bolt scar equally well, but it is probably less popular due to the location.