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Hearts and Chains

Jason‘s got a mix of old school gaming with the 8-bit Zelda hearts as well as new school gaming with both the Aperture logo and BioShock chains. He says the 3 hearts are for his wife, son, and daughter. The Aperture logo? A double whammy since he loves photography and Portal! I’d ask more about what’s up with the chains, but I dunno if I want to know that much about Jason!

All this video game ink was done by Jeff D at Iron Age Studios in St Louis.

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7 Responses

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  1. John Cooley says

    The chains are a Star Trek referance from the Original Series episode 'Bread and Circuses'. The Christian runaway slaves wore those chains at the collar of their blue grey tunics.


  2. @socialoutcast91 says

    The chains are a Bioshock reference!

  3. jason says

    Yup bioshock. I enjoyed the game and thought the tat was just very cool, so there they are.

  4. John Cooley says

    [IMG ][/IMG]

    My Mistake, they are very similar though.


  5. John Cooley says

    Sorry…better link.


  6. meredith says

    They could be either, in my opinion, except for the location. The player's character in Bioshock is almost never seen, but any time you wield an object, you see your hand, including the wrist. The chains are directly on the wrist. And personally, I love that tattoo – and Bioshock!

    Now, if you had three chains on the chest, then it would definitely be Star Trek. :)

  7. Jason says

    Very cool. I hadn't seen the trek episode.