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Reader Tattoo Roundup #13

Time for another cleaning out of the inbox a bit. Here’s some of the latest tattoo submissions:

First up is Alastair‘s “Man’s Ruin” tattoo showing all of the vices that will be the end of him. He got it done by Gary at Living Colour Tattoo. Photo isn’t the best, but I also included the design it was based on, originally done by Nina Matsumoto

Next up is Eric‘s Starfleet insignia by Benjamin Asher at New Breed Tattoo in West Lafayette, Indiana.

And then there’s Dave’s Decepticon tattoo bolted to his leg. (By Drew at Bluebird Tattoo in Portage, Indiana)

And finally Taegan sent in her tattoo of the mobile emitter for The Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager. (Done by Kate from Enchanted Ink)

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