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Stef’s Mobius Heart Tattoo

Stef saw that her boyfriend got his Brotherhood of Steel tattoo posted. She, like the rest of us, know that huge boost of geek cred you get when your geeky tattoo is posted, so Stef knew she had to try to outgeek him.

She’s got her own geek tattoo of a mobius strip heart wrapped around a brain. She’s always been a science geek and tended to read theoretical astrophysics books for fun, but when she went to college she became a psych major. Get this, her honors thesis was a paper on the psycho-therapeutic effects of body modification for people with chronic pain. So to commemorate her passions in life she got the tattoo you see above. She says, “This symbolizes infinite thought and love and the infinite loop that unites the two. One time there was something about the 4th and 5th spatial dimensions….but I was [redacted] and I don’t remember it anymore…..”

Tattoo was done by Shawn Van Oven at Shaman’s Den.

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