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Kingdom Hearts Heartless Tattoo

Hey guys, you know that girlfriend you’ve got? Yeah, I’m talking about the one that doesn’t like the video games that you love. Let me guess, you’ve been trying to get her into video games for years with no luck. She’s nice enough to not delete your WoW account when you aren’t looking, but she has no interest in playing games herself. Well don’t lose hope, sometimes they do come around! That’s what happened with Jessica.

My boyfriend of the last five years has been trying to get me into video games forever. I finally caved and started playing things like Rock Band, The Legend of Zelda, and the latest Kingdom Hearts. That game is one of his favorite games ever. For our anniversary he bought me an oathkeeper keychain. He was absolutely ecstatic that I became enamored with the game. I love the story behind Kingdom Hearts, especially with the Heartless and Nobodies. When I saw this image I knew I had to get it as my next tattoo…

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