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Lorem Ipsum Tattoo

Michael was waiting on marketing to get back to him with some copy to put up in the space he had reserved but unfortunately they didn’t get back to him before the deadline. Stupid Marketing. Michael had to go ahead and go live with the filler text he had and that’s how he ended up with Lorem Ipsum on his chest.

Ok, well maybe that’s not exactly how it happened, but regardless, thanks to Jamey Massengil at Sacred Art Tattoo, Michael is sporting the all-too-familiar latin phrase on his skin. He’s a web designer so it’s only fitting.

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A Morpheus On Your Back

“Sauromir”, aka WIlliam is the proud owner of the big black tattoo of Morpheus, Lord of the Dreaming, from the Sandman series. Hopefully Sauromir sleeps on his stomach otherwise Morpheus might get a bit cranky and depressed, err make that a bit more cranky and depressed than usual.

Tattoo was done by Tony at Dragon’s Den in Augusta, GA.

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What a wonderful number. I realize now I should have posted this on 10-10-10 being that it was the binary representation of 42, but you’ll have to settle for it showing up a bit late. After all, James got it way back in November of 2007. It’s his own tribute to the wonderful Douglas Adams and is “a pixel perfect trace” that he pulled off the brick wall in the photo below.

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Scott Pilgrim Tattoo

Chris V, aka Tiger of PTS (feel free to make up your own backronym), sent in the ink he got from Danielle S over at Danville Ink. For those not familiar with the Greatest Comic Book Ever, it’s Scott Pilgrim. Chris explains:

I got this tattoo to represent the thing I love most about Scott Pilgrim. The way it portrays dealing with the past coming back to haunt you, and the ability to overcome it all by (litterally in the books) ripping the power of love and self respect out of yourself. The SP series basically covers the four things most important to me in life: Music, Video Games, Friendship, and Love.

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Charlotte’s Dinosaur Tattoo

Charlotte shares her geeky tattoo with us. It’s a brand new tattoo based on a scientific illustration of a brontosaurus from the late 1880s.

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An MP3 Player On His Arm

Pascal (aka Mogy) is the owner of the geeky tattoo you see above. He explains why he got this tattoo:

basically my geeky way to express life, power on you born, play you live, stop you die, those gears not touching each other represent my personal experience in life, but they are still link with that line. but also how cool will be have a mp3 player in your arm

Incredibly well done mp3 player created by Kris at Coastline Tattoo.

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Balaz Isn’t Going to Panic

Perhaps he just had a fish dive into his ear, or maybe he looked up and saw a petunia flying through the sky next to a whale, or maybe he’s just trying to convince the nice men to not bulldoze his house. Either way, Balaz is going to remember not to panic thanks to his handy tattoo that you see above.

Ink done by Rita at Invictus Tattoo in Hungary.

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Pioneer Plaque Part Two

Anderson’s back with the second part of his Pioneer plaque tattoo, the model of the solar system. (I posted the hydrogen part previously) Here’s hoping he isn’t mistakenly shot out into space anytime soon!

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Triforce Tuesday: A Triforce on the hand is worth…

It’s Triforce Tuesday again! This week it’s Alex Richard‘s triforce on the back of his hand. If I stooped to bad jokes I’d make one here about how well he knows the Triforce, but for a change, I’ll spare you dear readers. Alex, who has been previously posted, explains the trials and tribulations of his Triforce tattoo:

I’ve always been a fan of the Legend of Zelda series, but it was after playing: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in particular that I decided to get this tattoo. This game blew my mind as an adult like The Ocarina of time did in my youth, or even further back A link to the past. I was so caught up in The legend of Zelda games that one day I decided to just go and get the Triforce on my hand. The following week I did. Although there are two downsides to this tattoo more specifically due to the placement of it.

The first one being people getting on me for putting it on my right hand vice my left saying “didn’t you know Link has it on his left hand?” along with other comments of that nature. Of course I did and just felt more comfortable getting it on my right, but that was not enough for those more nerdy than I.

The second was not until later when I got a wild hair up my butt and decided to join the Navy. During boot camp my division and RDCs (recruit division commanders) asked what my tattoo meant and so I told them. After that I was given the nickname “ZELDA”. Two months of being called Zelda was interesting to say the least.

Triforce Tuesday is the result of everybody sending in triforce related tattoos. They’re popular and I want to showcase some of the better ones. If you’ve got a triforce related tattoo, send it in and see if you make the cut for Triforce Tuesday.

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Amy’s Amazing Star Trek Sleeve

I love sleeve tattoos. I love how people turn their arms and legs into a twisting and turning canvas dedicated to a theme. I’ve seen bits and pieces of Amy’s Star Trek tattoos before, but didn’t realize that they would end up as one large sleeve. The work was done by Mez, an incredibly talented tattoo artist who is based out of San Francisco at Tattoo Boogaloo and is also a Star Trek fan.

The portraits in this sleeve are wonderful! Portraits can be hard to do, and trust me I’ve seen my share of bad ones, but Mez is amazing at them as evidenced by her portfolio!

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