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Burning Man Tattoos

Burning Man Tattoo

It’s that time of the year again!  People are hard at work on art projects, making packing lists, and preparing for a week of dust in the Black Rock Desert. That’s right, Burning Man is only 10 days away!  If you’re not familiar with Burning Man, you should try sleeping in a bed rather than under that rock.  But for the sake of those few that don’t know: Burning Man is a large festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. It’s a large gathering of people, art, music, and all sorts of things you won’t see anywhere else.  You can learn all about it over at

Plenty of geeks attend Burning Man every year, and there’s a lot of artwork that integrates a lot of geekery.  But in addition to all us geeks, Burning Man breeds it’s own kind of geek that is dedicated to the event and culture surrounding it.  Some of these geeks get tattoos, and long-time burner Danger Ranger has collected several of these tattoos in a Flickr set.  There’s also a couple of tattoos and scarifications on the Tribe community.

And yes, yours truly is headed out to the desert as well and will be camping with Ardent Heavy Industries at 4:00 and Adapt.  If you’ve got a geeky tattoo to show off (or you just want to say hi), stop by and ask for Rabbit!

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  1. Allaboutthemeow says

    And, to make this geeky tatoo even more “Burning Man” centric it’s on the back of Trey Harvey, co-founder Larry’s son! The initials are of his siblings (ZN, AK), mother (PH) and father (I have no clue what the DC’s are).

  2. David Olson says

    what design on this man tatt?is that a robot?