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Triforce Tuesday: A Triforce on the hand is worth…

It’s Triforce Tuesday again! This week it’s Alex Richard‘s triforce on the back of his hand. If I stooped to bad jokes I’d make one here about how well he knows the Triforce, but for a change, I’ll spare you dear readers. Alex, who has been previously posted, explains the trials and tribulations of his Triforce tattoo:

I’ve always been a fan of the Legend of Zelda series, but it was after playing: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in particular that I decided to get this tattoo. This game blew my mind as an adult like The Ocarina of time did in my youth, or even further back A link to the past. I was so caught up in The legend of Zelda games that one day I decided to just go and get the Triforce on my hand. The following week I did. Although there are two downsides to this tattoo more specifically due to the placement of it.

The first one being people getting on me for putting it on my right hand vice my left saying “didn’t you know Link has it on his left hand?” along with other comments of that nature. Of course I did and just felt more comfortable getting it on my right, but that was not enough for those more nerdy than I.

The second was not until later when I got a wild hair up my butt and decided to join the Navy. During boot camp my division and RDCs (recruit division commanders) asked what my tattoo meant and so I told them. After that I was given the nickname “ZELDA”. Two months of being called Zelda was interesting to say the least.

Triforce Tuesday is the result of everybody sending in triforce related tattoos. They’re popular and I want to showcase some of the better ones. If you’ve got a triforce related tattoo, send it in and see if you make the cut for Triforce Tuesday.

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  1. Devid says

    I’ll be getting the triforce of wisdom tattooed on my right hand soon. Its going to have the other two pieces faded out and the wisdom piece more vibrant, similar to the way they are dipicted on zelda/sheik’s hand in ocarina of time. No black outline on mine.

  2. Hyrulian Child says

    Link is left handed… Not right… You're tattoo = fail

  3. Randall Flagg says

    Dude, I just got my triforce, Solid black (goes better with my other tats that way) and it’s more near my thumb, why you may ask? Because I’m awesome like that!

  4. Tao Olson says

    Haha, he was called Zelda instead of Link. Just like what happens to Link by newbies to the series. lol