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Lorem Ipsum Tattoo

Michael was waiting on marketing to get back to him with some copy to put up in the space he had reserved but unfortunately they didn’t get back to him before the deadline. Stupid Marketing. Michael had to go ahead and go live with the filler text he had and that’s how he ended up with Lorem Ipsum on his chest.

Ok, well maybe that’s not exactly how it happened, but regardless, thanks to Jamey Massengil at Sacred Art Tattoo, Michael is sporting the all-too-familiar latin phrase on his skin. He’s a web designer so it’s only fitting.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Hello? Anybody home?

    • edrabbit says

      Sorry for the lack of updates. Your humble editor has been spending the last month or so prepping for a wedding, getting married, and running around Hawaii on honeymoon. I've got quite the backlog of posts and will hopefully get back on top of things really soon!

      • Anonymous says

        Are you out having fun, while we are waiting for more awsomeness?! Well, looking forward to more anyhow!

      • Tigerlilly says


  2. Typo Tat says

    Lol. That's one dedicated Web Designer.