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Geeky Tattoos Reader Round-Up #3

It’s time to check the Geeky Tattoos inbox again.  Here’s what we’ve got today:

Andrew sends in his HTML </body> tag tattoo that he got for his 30th birthday.

body tattoo

Mike B sent in his Tux tattoo that he got 4 years ago.  Looks like it’s aged pretty well, just like Linux.

Fresh Tux TattooTux Tattoo Four years Later

Finally, Christian H sent in his “controls”:

Controls tattoo

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9 Responses

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  1. Alla says

    The html tag is my favorite.

  2. tina says

    Me too

  3. V. says

    The HTML tag is the dumbest one, cause its just wrong. Thats the right one:

    No HTML skill at all….

  4. Adam says

    I agree with V.

    The guys obviously a moron, why dont he go learn .NET I hear thats what all the rejects go learn.

    Hmmm, You know, you could do a cool <?php if and else lot on your cock, haha amusing… hmmmm, lol

  5. toby says

    I was going to point out the HTML code was wrong too, and copied off a tattoo where someone got the code right. I’ll be quicker about it next time.

  6. Sam says

    Wow, does it make us even bigger geeks to be pointing out that it should be cause that was the first thing I raged about haha. That’s a little embarrassing, poor guy.

  7. ali hong kong says

    perhaps he is making a statement on mind-body dualism

  8. Iron Arm says

    Ha the tat is a fail. It should be the opening body tag, not closing, fool. This dude totally doesn’t get it. Makes not sense this way. Google “head body tat”.