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Does She Dream of Electric Sheep Too?

Tyna’s the owner of the origami unicorn tattoo you see above. I’m not sure which Nexus model she is, probably one of the newer ones cause her skin looks really good. I wonder if she even knows. She said that Matt at Ghost Town hooked her up with the nice crisp tattoo. He does good work on skin. He also designs eyes.

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Balance Your Life You Must

Joe, aka Hedjemunkee, sent in his well-balanced Star Wars tattoo. He said he wanted a tattoo that spoke of what he loved. Dub Weir at Divinity Tattoo was like, *bzzzt* “there you go!”

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Petunia Tattoo!

A second Petunia tattoo! (I still haven’t identified the owner of the other one) This one is on Ian’s arm, inked by Olivia Britz of Raven Ink in Portland, OR. Like many of us, he was a fan of The Adventures of Pete and Pete and decided to get the tattoo

I’m still waiting for someone to send me a video of them making Petunia dance.

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Classic Mega Man Sleeve

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving (for the US readers) and/or a great weekend (everyone)! Today I bring you Don and his geeky tattoos. First up is his classic Mega Man piece. He says he chose to stick with the old school cast (“none of that Mega Man ZX47-Zero-Battle Network-Plus-Alpha bulls*** that Capcom makes now”), however an exception was made for Bass and Treble since the artwork was too good to modify before committing to his skin.

Don also has a tattoo of Frog Mario on his shoulder. It was his first tattoo, and a fine one at that. He says there’s possible plans to turn this into a whole underwater scene. Make sure you don’t forget to include Blooper in there Don!

Both tattoos were done by his friend Charlie at Lost Time Tattoos in Charleston, WV.

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Scott Pilgrim Level Up Tattoo

David got a new job and his first paycheck, the 6th book of Scott Pilgrim was released, and Scott Pilgrim vs The World (the movie) came out. I think it’s pretty fair to say a “Level Up” tattoo was an appropriate choice.

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Three Insignias

Chances are if you’re a geek, you’ve got geeky friends. Daniel has at least two of them. One holiday season they were all back in town and decided to get nerdy tattoos to celebrate their friendship. Daniel got the Rebel Alliance on his back, Erika got the Klingon Empire insignia on her ankle, and James got the Mandalorian insignia on his arm. During an intense game of Twister they managed to get this photo with all three tattoos in the frame.

Tattoos done at Article 91 in Webster, TX.

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Hillis Plot Tattoo

Corey sends in his own tattoo collage of geekiness. He explains:

It is a very simple Hillis Plot (also called a Circular Tree of Life) with the word Reason over it. The tree depicts the evolutionary history of speciation, and how all living things are distant cousins of each other. The A is red as a nod to the scarlet letter and symbol for atheism (you can’t condemn me for something I wear with pride). There is a red line as part of the plot to show where mammals fall. I got the word Reason, because it is something that I try to apply to all areas of life.

He designed it himself and got Fredo over at Foolish Pride Tattoos to ink it.

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Daniel’s Dark Side

Dipping into the international mailbag I found this Darth Vader tattoo hailing from Brazil. Daniel is the owner and it was inked by Eric Codo at Carioca Tattoo in Rio de Janeiro. He says he got it because he thinks Darth Vader is the best character and villain ever created in movies, fiction, books, etc. I wonder how you say “I am your father” in Portuguese?

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Geeky Tattoos from Eviloution Tattoos

Most of the submissions I get for Geeky Tattoos come from the tattoo owners. But every now and then I get a batch of photos from the tattoo artists themselves! Clair and her boyfriend Brandon run Evilution Tattoos out in Las Vegas. She says they’re both “super-geeks” and are into WoW, Zelda, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, and a host of other video games. Brandon’s also a comic-book lover, but Clair says she’s getting pulled into that obsession as well. They sent me a batch of some of the geeky tattoos they’ve done in their shop, including a couple of really nice sleeves.

If you guys are ever in Vegas and are itching to finally get that geeky tattoo you’ve been wanting for so long, check out Evilution. Tell em Geeky Tattoos sent you and they’ll hook you up with a no-prize. And yes, that is an Inspector Gadget tattoo.

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I’m Making a Post Here

Well that was a whirlwind of a month. For those wondering about the absence of yours truly, aka The Guy That Brings You the Geeky Tattoos, wonder no more! I was off getting married and going on a honeymoon! (Yes, of course she’s a geek!) Since I’m the only one running this show, when I’m not around stuff doesn’t get posted. One of these days I’ll hire an intern. Then I won’t have to fetch my own caffeinated beverages any more!

But enough excuses, you’re here for nerdy tattoos. At our wedding during the cake cutting we played a little song from Portal you might remember. The geeks in the crowd got a kick out of it and I thought you might get a kick out of Mike’s Portal tattoo.

(Did you catch that segue there? I know, pretty slick.) Mike got the tattoo done by Troy at Artistic Skin Design. He says he got into the game because he heard the catchy song on a podcast. While playing the game, he took a liking to the companion cube, so he got it inked above his heart. How sweet!

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