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You Might Get Fired For This One

I would normally apologize for the potentially NSFW photo, but c’mon, elvish writing in a classy photo? How could I not post it? Besides if you got fired for looking at this then you probably don’t want to be working there anyways, right? Or maybe you did and then the writing on Trish B.’s side is even more appropriate.

Trish is a big fan of the Lord of the Rings and liked the beautiful elvish language. She knew she wanted a tattoo of elvish writing and decided to get it in a less-normal spot that’s hidden by clothes. What does it say? “You never appreciate the things you have until you’ve lost them”

Ink by Jameson at Ocean Mystique’s Ink Gallery.

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3 Responses

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  1. Lucius says

    I love her.

  2. Lorax says

    Hi. I'm planning on getting a tattoo in elvish as well but I can't find a good tengwar scribe. How did you get your words written in th sindarin font?

  3. Tamfang says

    Some vowels must be missing.