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Violet Blue’s Blogger Tattoo

My friend Violet Blue is a blogger. She’s also an author, columnist, podcaster, artist, sex educator, and more (but that’s not what she got tattooed on her ankle). She got the fanciful blogger stamp on her body from Scott Sylvia at Black Heart Tattoo back in 2006, and it’s still more than relevant today. It’s not her only ink (she also has cherry blossoms that stretch the length of her body), but it is definitely her geekiest. And on top of things she’s proud of all her tattoos, refusing to let any of them be covered up even for television appearances (NSFW).

Violet’s site (NSFW) and tech blog are always a good read.

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  1. Jami says

    That is really, really cool. Love Violet Blue. I never thought about getting a tattoo related to blogging. Hmm…

  2. @TattooRoadTrip says

    Is this Violet Blue from Aberdeen, WA…I'd like a Blogger tattoo too!

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