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Ed’s WordPress Tattoo

Wordpress Tattoo - Full Res

Some people are serious bloggers, so much so that they get tattoos that represent their love of blogging. Violet Blue has her ankle tattoo with a platform independent “blogger” stamp, but Ed Marita from Hawaii knows what he loves to blog with. Ed has a tattoo of the popular (it’s what we use) blogging platform, WordPress stamped over a circuit board on his forearm. After making sure he had the right WordPress logo and not one of the fakes floating around, and putting up a poll to determine the location of the ink, he went over to TNT Tattoo in Hawaii and Kevin made it permanent. To add to the geekiness, Ed checked in at the tattoo shop on Brightkite and even twittered the whole process live. For more of his story and more photos, check out his post.

Wordpress Tattoo

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  1. Phuket tattoo's says

    Thats a pretty hardcore WordPress fan , I can't help the feeling though that in 20 years that would be meaningless, like getting Q basic tattooed on my arm 20 years ago would