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The Dark Side of the… Left Leg

Brandon writes:

I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan my entire life, even raising my kids to be little Stormtroopers. We all love the Dark Side! Stormtroopers and Darth Vader the most – and of course Boba Fett, the most infamous bounty hunter in the galaxy!
I asked my sons (twin 5 year olds) which tattoo was their favorite, Cole said all of them, Carter said Darth Vader. I’m the kind of fanatical fan and Dad that had to make a big donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital just to get members of the 501st Legion (professional costumers) to come to my boys 4th birthday party!

Ink was done by Brooke Crawford at Old School Ink Tattoos in Rainbow City, AL

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Awesome Captain America and The Black Knight Piece

I’ll let Daris explain these awesomely epic tattoos:

Hello my name is Daris Akers and I decided (& did)  to get these particular tattoos back in 2004 . I wanted a full body suit that fit my taste and seeing as my taste are of the comicbook culture it fit like a glove although I’ve gotten work done by many artists, my primary artist is a man by the name of charile in nyc. my back took two sessions, 7 hours total, and I saw it as a great way to bring marvel & DC together.

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Gears of War Rank Tattoo

> From: Antonio Rodriguez

Antonio writes:

I earned my rank in Gears of war 2 skillfully and patiently no Double XP weekends hard earned invested Time! I would play 6 to 12 hours a day after coming home from the hospital. I work in the OR as an Anesthesia Technician, get home turn on my Xbox360 and get in the grind with my online crew: The Grimey Familia (GFAM is our clan tag) I’m Ranked 300 in the world out of 3 million people playing online in war Zone Gametype Mode. when I Finally Reached in Game ranked of 100 I earned my wings and had them Tattoed on my back to show my love for the game My Gamer Tag is SAVAGETONE EPIC Rules in the Gaming industry and Im proud to wear there Ranking mark of reaching rank …thanks

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Xbox Red Ring of Death Tattoo

What better way to follow up a Playstation tattoo than with an Xbox tattoo, right? I never that I’d hear someone say that they enjoyed the Red Ring of Death, but Jake explains:

My name is Jake and this is my tat. The dreaded Red Ring Of Death. Its my first tattoo and as i am an avid gamer i figured why not get something i truly enjoy tattooed on me. My personal take on the tattoo is that I will be a 360 fan til my heart “red-rings”.

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PlayStation Knuckles

I posted some of the geekiest knuckle tattoos out there already, but now I’ve got one more to add. According to Christian one of his co-workers, Mike, “has the Playstation symbols on his proximal phalanges”. It’s not just for looks, he says it got him the job at the game and gadget retail store they both work at.

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Walk Without Rhythm and You Won’t Disturb the Tattoo

Clint writes:

This is my latest piece, a Sandworm from Dune. The picture comes from Jock’s concept art for the Peter Berg’s Dune. My right forearm is all Hunter S Thompson/Ralph Steadman anyways so I thought the artwork worked nicely in that area. My right forearm is my literary arm which in the future will include a Heron Mark, Crysknife, and something from Fight Club. This beautiful piece was done by Joey at Bombshell Tattoo in Houston, TX. This brings my “geek” tattoo collection to 9 pieces. 2 Hunter S Thompson, 2 Twin Peaks, Batman, Ghost Rider, the sword hilt for the King of Rohan and the Supernatural protection chest tattoo…which I got to please the wife.

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Babelfish Tattoo

Rachel writes:

I got this babelfish (from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) about 3 weeks ago from Jamie Clinton at Pino Bros Ink in Cambridge, MA. I love this little guy because you pop him in your ear and you can understand any language (and I’m bilingual), he proves and disproves the existence of a God all at once, and because it’s from my favorite book (which I’ve read in two languages). I brought in the “Guide entry” from the old BBC television series and Jamie came up with how to turn it into a viable tattoo. So pleased with the coloring!

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In Memoriam: Steve Jobs 1955-2011

On October 5th, Paul Talbot went into Custom Colour Tattoo Studio (the shop he owns) and got Ollie Tye to ink a memorial to Steve Jobs on his toe.

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C3P0 Praying Hands

Remember Danny the G(r)eek and his wide assortment of colorfully nerdy tattoos? This time he’s added some C3PO hands into the mix!

Done by Ross Turpin

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Vulpix! Use Fire Blast!

Desiree writes:

I’ve been a Pokeaddict since the dawn of time (or so it seems). Since Pokemon is the one thing that I have devoted over ten years of my life to, I felt it only proper to honor it with my skin. I chose Vulpix because it was always my favorite and was the first Pokemon toy I ever owned, which led to me also getting the fire energy symbol from the Pokemon Trading Card game on my wrist. I intend on adding more Pokemon/Pokemon related tattoos to my body as time progresses.

Vulpix done by Jacob Walsh and Fire Energy Symbol done by Larry Lockwood; Both of which work at Ink Addiction in Valdosta, GA.

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