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Xbox Red Ring of Death Tattoo

What better way to follow up a Playstation tattoo than with an Xbox tattoo, right? I never that I’d hear someone say that they enjoyed the Red Ring of Death, but Jake explains:

My name is Jake and this is my tat. The dreaded Red Ring Of Death. Its my first tattoo and as i am an avid gamer i figured why not get something i truly enjoy tattooed on me. My personal take on the tattoo is that I will be a 360 fan til my heart “red-rings”.

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4 Responses

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  1. Jake says

    this is jake, im so shocked to find this on here hahaha this is beyond amazing

  2. 3Redrings says

    Wow, that is some serious dedication to the console! I have to admit that tat looks friggin awesome though!

  3. Alex says

    I'm so proud ov my brother

  4. TERDZ says