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Do or Do Not Tattoo

Charlotte writes:

“A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind.”

My name is Charlotte a.k.a Lotska. I’ve been a Star Wars fan since, well, forever. My brother and father brought me up in the most nerdalicious ways possible, thankfully! I wouldn’t be as awesome as I am today if it weren’t for their influence.

I had been going through a particularly difficult time in my final year at University, suffering from anxiety, exhaustion and acute stress. I was concerned about my mental health and after coming to terms with several issues, I decided to stop waiting for things to change and be more proactive. I got this tattoo as a reminder of my strength and abilities. To give me the push I need on those days when I feel like giving up. It has become a personal mantra.

I had my tattooist (Mick Miller at Headingley Tattoo Studio) draw it up using the Star Wars font, and had it tattooed in reverse on the left side of my chest. I had it in reverse because it is for me, and me only. When I look in the mirror, I can read it perfectly – but others struggle to read it in reverse and it has become a pretty good conversation starter.

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EvE Online Tattoo

Jack Krauser writes:

Hi just wanted to share my EvE Online Tattoos, as I havnt seen any on the site yet, it being the geek haven it is it needs some representation!

These 2 symbols, are in my game race and clan symbols, Minmater (top) and Sebestior (bottom). The Minmator one I got at EvE fanfest last year, they had a booth for people who wanted EvE related tattoos right at the event. I remember the parlour was Reykjavik Ink but unfortunately I forget the guys name. I really liked the symbol and for me it means not just my love for the game, my in game character, my badass race, but also the week I spent in Iceland with the thousands of other EvE fanatics, which was the most crazy and fun time ever. I’ve never met so many cool new people in a short period of time, all brought together by this devotion to a niche game. After I got home I wanted to finish off the set with the clan symbol, I think it compliments it so I see it as more of an extension rather than a totally seperate piece, I got it in SnakeBite Tattoos in Dublin.

Also this week for added geekiness I got formula for ethanol (aka the kind of alcohol in booooze) on my right wrist, my drinking hand. Also got it in SnakeBite. I like to think its meaning is pretty obvious, who dosent love booze? but rather than getting a bottle or brand name I wanted something more….encompassing of alcohol in general, hence I picked a chemical formula to display my love.

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To boldly go…

Jenny writes:

I thought about the right tattoo for 15 years and I decided to get “to boldly go”. I’m happy with it. Because it is a promise to my present and my future. A reminder of the best time in my life I ever had. A symbol for values (Gene Roddenberry = genius) and a reminder to be like Picard a bit more often.

Tattoo was done at Triple T. Check out Jenny’s blog, Simple Truths.

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Tommy’s Tattoos: Joker and Calvin and Hobbes

Tommy Farley writes:

I got both of my tattoos done at Epicenter Studios in Huntington WV by Justin Runyon. I got the joker tattoo because I have been a huge Batman fan and Joker fan for a long time and this is my favorite frame from the best comic ever “The Killing Joke” by Alan Moore.

Calvin and Hobbes has always been a part of my life, it was always my favorite newspaper comic.  I told myself that I would never get another tattoo unless it makes me smile every time I see it.  I incorporated my favorite comic and favorite painted picture by Bill Watterson.  I think that Justin Runyon did a fantastic job on both tattoos and deserves the recognition.

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Morse Code Tattoo

Patrick writes:

Here is my tattoo, it is on my left inner wrist.
Morse for R E A, my Wife and two boys first initials.

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Kracko Tattoo

MattG writes:

I got the tattoo done at Jack & Diane’s Tattoo Parlor. The tattoo is of Kirby cloud boss, specifically the sprite form from Kirby’s Dreamland Adventure, Kracko. Why I got it? Why wouldn’t I have gotten it. Tis my favorite boss from one of my favorite video games of all time. It is simple, nostalgic, elegant, okay maybe not elegant, but Kracko is fucking awesome.

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Darth Vader and Crossed Light Sabers

Caitlyn writes:

I thought of the idea for this tattoo because I thought it’d be pretty cool to have a skull and crossbones sort of look, but instead of a skull there would be Vader’s helmet and instead of crossbones it’d be light sabers. Star Wars is a passion of mine, I live and breathe it. And what better way than to have it inked in me forever!

Tattoo by Erin Winterborn at Lady Luck Tattoo and Body Piercing in Owensboro, Kentucky

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Hop Heart Tattoo

There are people out there who really geek out on some things. It makes me very glad that one of those things is beer because I often get to enjoy the delicious result of their geeky pursuits. (My wife says I should change the name of the site to “Tattoos that Ed Likes” because this isn’t geeky enough. I beg to differ!)

Chris writes:

Daniel Soto @ Blood Thirsty Tattoo recently did this hop/heart hybrid on me. It is superimposed over my actual heart to help aid in people recognizing the heart portion; I didn’t want to go so over board with the heart portion that it became grotesque. The inside of the veins/arteries are left blank so that beer spraying out can be added later on.

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Protein Sequence of Love

Nichole writes:

I got this tattoo for my 19th birthday, it’s a protein sequence that translates into the word love for my love of Biology!
It was done by Dana Withers at Blue Lotus Tattoo in Madison, Wi.

Unfortunately I slept through a lot of biology cause I was always up late playing Doom II so I’ll have to take her word on the translation.

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Tattoo

Lesley writes:

My name is Lesley and I’m sharing my awesome Mystery Science Theater 3000 tattoo. I got it done in Athens, GA at Walk the Line tattoo, done by John.

My dad, my brother and I watched the show when I was a kid, and it brings back great memories. I wanted it to be more than just the infamous silhouette and I told the artist to do whatever he wanted with it. Turned out even better than I thought it would be.

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