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EvE Online Tattoo

Jack Krauser writes:

Hi just wanted to share my EvE Online Tattoos, as I havnt seen any on the site yet, it being the geek haven it is it needs some representation!

These 2 symbols, are in my game race and clan symbols, Minmater (top) and Sebestior (bottom). The Minmator one I got at EvE fanfest last year, they had a booth for people who wanted EvE related tattoos right at the event. I remember the parlour was Reykjavik Ink but unfortunately I forget the guys name. I really liked the symbol and for me it means not just my love for the game, my in game character, my badass race, but also the week I spent in Iceland with the thousands of other EvE fanatics, which was the most crazy and fun time ever. I’ve never met so many cool new people in a short period of time, all brought together by this devotion to a niche game. After I got home I wanted to finish off the set with the clan symbol, I think it compliments it so I see it as more of an extension rather than a totally seperate piece, I got it in SnakeBite Tattoos in Dublin.

Also this week for added geekiness I got formula for ethanol (aka the kind of alcohol in booooze) on my right wrist, my drinking hand. Also got it in SnakeBite. I like to think its meaning is pretty obvious, who dosent love booze? but rather than getting a bottle or brand name I wanted something more….encompassing of alcohol in general, hence I picked a chemical formula to display my love.

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  1. Bill Wilson says

    Wow. I want to see the update after rehab.