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Ashley’s Awesome N64 Controller… and a Surprise Tattoo

Ashley sent in her two geeky tattoos. I’m sure everyone recognizes the incredibly well-done N64 controller. (I can see your fingers twitching as flashes of Goldeneye surface in your head.) She’s also got a bit of a hidden tattoo that gives the finder +10 experience points! Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!

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Serious About Gears of War 2

Antonio writes in:

i ran across your website and was fascinated knowing that i alone have a passion for the gaming industry . i earned my rank in Gears of war 2 skillfully and patiently no Double XP weekends  hard earned invested Time! i would play 6 to 12 hours a day after coming home from the hospital i work in the OR as an Anesthesia Technician get home torn on my Xbox360 and get in the grind with my online crew The Grimey Familia GFAM our clan tag I’m Ranked 300 in the world out of 3 million people playing online in war Zone Gametype Mode when i Finally Reached in Game ranked of 100 I earned my wings and had them Tattoed on my back to show my love for the game My Gamer Tag is SAVAGETONE  EPIC Rules in the Gaming industry and Im proud to wear there Ranking mark of reaching rank …thanks

This man doesn’t even stop for punctuation. Better hope you don’t run into him on Xbox Live.

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Jemma’s “The Cake is a Lie” Tattoo

Jemma writes:

I got this tattoo yesterday at a place called Ultimate Ink In longton Stoke On Trent.
I have become slightly obsessed with portal since completeing the first game and i wanted to get a tatto that meant something to me but also showed my geeky side. So i got my portal companion cube and the words “The Cake Is A Lie.” to show that not everything you hear is true. and to remind me of that.

She also included her angel/devil tattoo of the Autobot and Decepticon logos for bonus points.

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Jake’s Kirby Tattoo

Jake sent in his cute Kirby tattoo. He says his friend Aaron Morris inked it for him. Why Chef Kirby? Well, Jake is attending Culinary school and he wanted some ink that combines his love of Kirby plus his love of cooking.

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Centipede Arcade Game Tattoo…Kickin it Old School!

Jen writes in with her awesome old school Centipede tattoo:

This was always one of my favorite arcade games! I’ve always loved the artwork on the side of the console….it just made sense to get a tribute to my days at The Space Station (arcade) back in Baltimore. I’ve always wanted to own one of these machines…so until then, I can enjoy the artwork!

Tattoo was done by Lee B, the owner of Liberty Tattoo in College Station, TX.

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A Geeky Pride Tattoo

Eric, an IT director, got this binary tattoo in something other than the typical black. Would you be surprised to find out it says “All men and women are created equal”? This is awesome and I think one of the first geeky pride tattoos I’ve posted on here. Thanks for sharing Eric!

(Let me also use this space to mention one of my friend’s geeky and gay side-projects:

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Victoria’s Forkbomb Tattoo

Victoria calls out Silveira:

I noticed you already have a forkbomb tattoo on your website but mine is better haha! His won’t work, you need the proper spacing else it won’t execute.

I’ve had this for a few years now and it’s definitely the geekiest thing I have. I’m a programmer in England and I thought the ideas that Jaromil has discussed regarding it as art were interesting. The photo is from just after it was done, I hope this is okay, it looked better then anyway.

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Dan’s Link Tattoo



Dan sent in a photo of his Link tattoo that he got done by James Maxwell at Lance Keller Studios in Michigan. I got tired of turning my laptop upside down to look at it, so Link’s defying gravity for your viewing pleasure.

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Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right…

Cody writes:

My name is Cody and I stumbled on your site when I was looking for ideas for nerd tattoos. I got the Konami code tattoo because video games have always been a big factor in my life and I’m going to school to be in the video game industry. It was done at Heaven or Hell Tattoos in Fairfield CA by Daniel Peaches (or just Peaches). I just recently added the Dr Manhattan tattoo to my collection because the quote “If I am going to have a symbol, it shall be one I respect” has always stuck with me. Plus it is one of my favorite comics so for me it was only natural. I got that one done at Tatt Magic also in Fairfield by Angel. I’m really excited to get more in the future and keep adding to the collection.

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Custom Mario Half Sleeve

Wow, Paul Devine’s Mario half sleeve has turned out beautifully. Quite possibly one of the best geeky sleeves I’ve posted on here so far. And it will be a hard one to beat. Love love love the pixelation on the chest, all the lines are crisp, and the colors and shading are amazing.

The amazing work was done by Laura Kennedy at Timeless Tattoo Glasgow.

Some more pictures (also previously posted in progress):

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