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Serious About Gears of War 2

Antonio writes in:

i ran across your website and was fascinated knowing that i alone have a passion for the gaming industry . i earned my rank in Gears of war 2 skillfully and patiently no Double XP weekends  hard earned invested Time! i would play 6 to 12 hours a day after coming home from the hospital i work in the OR as an Anesthesia Technician get home torn on my Xbox360 and get in the grind with my online crew The Grimey Familia GFAM our clan tag I’m Ranked 300 in the world out of 3 million people playing online in war Zone Gametype Mode when i Finally Reached in Game ranked of 100 I earned my wings and had them Tattoed on my back to show my love for the game My Gamer Tag is SAVAGETONE  EPIC Rules in the Gaming industry and Im proud to wear there Ranking mark of reaching rank …thanks

This man doesn’t even stop for punctuation. Better hope you don’t run into him on Xbox Live.

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