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Star Trek:TOS/TNG Combadge Mashup

Nothing like a good old-fashioned, no wait.. new generation.. no, old fashio–dammit it’s a mashup! Unable to choose just one, Andy Balkus got this tattoo of a combination of the original Star Trek and the Next Generation combadges. He writes: I got this because Star Trek has been my moral compass since early childhood. Both […]

Star Trek Communicator Badge

Shannon gives us her best Data impression and shows off her Star Trek communicator badge. She says she has a “flaming Star Trek obsession” and decided to go with this rather than a bow on her shoulder blade. Good choice Shannon, good choice.

Amy’s Amazing Star Trek Sleeve

I love sleeve tattoos. I love how people turn their arms and legs into a twisting and turning canvas dedicated to a theme. I’ve seen bits and pieces of Amy’s Star Trek tattoos before, but didn’t realize that they would end up as one large sleeve. The work was done by Mez, an incredibly talented […]

Stephen Hawking and Star Trek

It’s not every day you see a quote from Stephen Hawking tattooed on someone’s ribcage, but lucky for us Dawn is here to show her’s off. The quote reads, “To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit.” Dawn says she’s “a science nerd with a very Universal look on […]

Star Trek Shoulder Blades

I get a lot of Star Trek tattoos submitted, but most of the time it’s the Star Fleet insignia or the Enterprise. It’s always nice to get something a little bit different and Anna delivers this time. She sent in a picture of her two shoulder blade tattoos that she designed. One side is Klingon; […]

Star Trek Tattoos

With the release of the new Star Trek movie (which I hear is awesome) there has been a lot of buzz about the series.  But for some people the love of Star Trek never fades in and out and is a large part of their life.  Here are some tattoos on people that have pledged […]

The Best Starship Enterprise Knuckle Tattoo

I know, it’s been a long time since our last post. I’m still alive, still getting all sorts of submissions. Some day we’ll get through our backlog of awesome nerdy tattoos. But this one came in the other day and I just had to post it, you know since the new Star Trek movie, “Into […]

Enterprise on the Starboard Side

Allard shares his Starship Enterprise tattoo, but didn’t share any additional info on it. Bad Allard.

Heather’s Star* Tattoos

Heather runs a pet sitting company (Petcetera Pet Sitting) and loves Star Trek and Stargate Atlantis. This explains the shoulders full of geeky space show tattoos and the “Live, Long and Pawsper” one. I think she said that the constellation is the Atlantis origin point and the arm full of Stargate Atlantis tattoo tells you […]

Pat’s Circle of Fifths Tattoo

Sometimes people send in geeky tattoos that I’m embarrassed to admit go beyond my level of nerdery. Yes, I have to consult wikipedia every now and then to see what the hell they’ve gotten inked on their skin. But this time I totally know what Pat is talking about when he sent in his circle […]

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D

Kerri sent in her Star Trek tattoo with the following explanation: Star Trek came into my world at Christmas with the original movies boxset then one thing led to another and I became a Next Generation addict (Patrick Stewart? Yes please). I knew I wanted another tattoo, something geeky so it was obvious what must […]

Amy’s New Additions

Remember Amy and her Star Trek sleeve? We’ll she’s added a few new portraits to her skin collection. These are on her left arm and are by Mez Love over at Tattoo Boogaloo.

Rob’s Comm Badge

Rob grew up with Star Trek and decided to get the simple, but iconic comm badge tattooed on his chest. He also has plans for his left arm that involve the other “Star” series, Star Wars, as well as hopes for a Firefly tattoo. I don’t think I’ve posted any Firefly tattoos on here yet, […]

Kissing Namor the Sub-Mariner

It’s not often you find a true Namor fan. Sad but true, Aquaman has a much catchier name. Regardless, Bradleigh says that Namor is her all time favorite comic book character. She even admits that she’s got a little crush on him! And much like I did with that yearbook photo of that cheerleader I […]

Reader Tattoo Roundup #13

Time for another cleaning out of the inbox a bit. Here’s some of the latest tattoo submissions: First up is Alastair‘s “Man’s Ruin” tattoo showing all of the vices that will be the end of him. He got it done by Gary at Living Colour Tattoo. Photo isn’t the best, but I also included the […]

Reader Tattoo Round-Up #9

We’ve got another flood of geek tattoos in the inbox again, so it’s time for a Reader Tattoo Round-Up: Yapi shares her subtle Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tattoo in honor of Raphael. She says: ” I wanted a tattoo that looks like a generic tattoo to regular people, but those who know the ninja turtles […]

Vulcan Hand Tattoo

Unfortunately Helen didn’t turn 18 soon enough to make it into the Star Trek tattoo roundup, but I’m happy she still sent in her awesome Vulcan inspired hand tattoo.  On her 18th birthday she went over to Body Art in Ayr, Scotland to get her first tattoo, showing her love for Star Trek, and more […]

Michael Vellotti’s Ink

Remember that awesome Abe-borg-ham Lincoln tattoo? Well it’s not the only piece of geeky ink that Michael has. Amongst a number of other tattoos he’s got a pretty awesome Star Fleet insignia as well as a great Twilight Zone leg sleeve. Just like the Lincoln tattoo, they were done by Chris Krahn Boise Tattoo who […]

Logic in Binary

One of the best things about geeks is the amount of time and thought they put into just about anything they do. Joe DiCastro is a hacker, photographer, and writer who has put a lot of thought into the significance of the tattoo he chose. The binary translates to “logic”, one of Joe’s passions, but […]