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BME World Tour Contest: Please Vote!

We interrupt your normal dose of geeky ink to bring you an important special announcement:

Hi, I’m Ed, the guy behind all of the posts here. I’ve been interested in body modification for my whole life and love writing about it and sharing it with people. Many of you I’m sure have heard of BMEzine, one of my favorite sites for body mod. It is the most esteemed site for information, experiences, and photos related to tattoos, piercings, scarification, and the various forms of body modification. They’re running a contest right now to pick 4 people to go on a journey around the world and report back on body modification and the people involved with it around the world. I’ve applied and have been chosen as one of the 18 finalists. Needless to say I’m stoked and honored to even be considered for this. Here’s the audition video I sent in:

Currently a poll is being conducted to help narrow down the finalists. If you think I’ve got what it takes to travel the world for up to three months and write/photograph/video the adventure, please take a minute to head over to BMEzine and kindly vote for me (Ed). You can vote for up to 4 people, so pick out your favorites. Hurry though, voting ends at 12:01am PST March 1st!

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