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I’m Making a Post Here

Well that was a whirlwind of a month. For those wondering about the absence of yours truly, aka The Guy That Brings You the Geeky Tattoos, wonder no more! I was off getting married and going on a honeymoon! (Yes, of course she’s a geek!) Since I’m the only one running this show, when I’m not around stuff doesn’t get posted. One of these days I’ll hire an intern. Then I won’t have to fetch my own caffeinated beverages any more!

But enough excuses, you’re here for nerdy tattoos. At our wedding during the cake cutting we played a little song from Portal you might remember. The geeks in the crowd got a kick out of it and I thought you might get a kick out of Mike’s Portal tattoo.

(Did you catch that segue there? I know, pretty slick.) Mike got the tattoo done by Troy at Artistic Skin Design. He says he got into the game because he heard the catchy song on a podcast. While playing the game, he took a liking to the companion cube, so he got it inked above his heart. How sweet!

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