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FFXIII L’Cie Tattoo

Have they really made 13 Final Fantasys? (What’s the proper pluralization of “Final Fantasy”?) Geeks love Final Fantasy, it’s true. I remember spending hours in college just watching my roommate play Final Fantasy. Not when I was supposed to be in class y’know, well at least not classes for my major I mean.

Anyways, Christopher is a big fan of Final Fantasy XIII (13 for those of you that don’t speak Roman) and he went out and got a tattoo inspired by it. One of the characters in the game is named Snow, and he has a similar “brand” on his forearm.

Tattoo was done by Sean at Well Rounded Tattoo. As far as we know, Sean isn’t a Fal’Cie, so hopefully we don’t have to worry about Christopher turning into some crystallized monster.

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  1. Stig says

    I believe the plural form is fantasies!

  2. @Crawlerbasher says

    I have the l'Cie tattoo too, its with the eye fully open and is in the same location as Snow.

    You can see the picture on my site

    At the moment its in its final healing stage, and is itching like mad.

  3. Daniel says

    I have a L'cie brand too. Mine is unique and it's on my my right leg (calf).

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

  4. Pulse L'Cie says

    Once a L’cie has fulfilled their focus they in return live for Eternity as a crystal. If they don’t fulfill their focus they turn into monsters ;-)

  5. Steven says

    Actually pulse once they fulfill they become crystal temporarily

  6. @Crawlerbasher says

    There only get turned back when there fal'Cie masters call for them again.
    To complete a new focus

  7. k619ify says

    I'm getting one I think where serahs is!

  8. Caroline says

    I want to get this, but I want it where Hope (My favorite character) has his, which is on top of his left Wrist, but it is hidden under his glove and scarf (thing…) !! I can't wait!!

  9. Andy says

    Personally i want Fangs brand but on the inside of my left wrist or maybe ontop were hopes is any ideas or comments??

  10. Michael says

    I want it! Awesom tattoo.