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The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Listen up boys, next time you compliment a girl on her geeky tattoo you better know what it means. The geeky girls are working on a “boyfriend filtration system” according to Ivanka, the owner of the above tattoo. She’s a philosophy student who got the second law of thermodynamics (more specifically the version from Rudolf Clausius) tattooed on her wrist. It helps her separate geeky boyfriend material from guys just looking for her number.

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  1. Matt says

    I thought the second law of thermodynamics was that you don’t talk about thermodynamics.

  2. chuck vosburgh says


  3. J.R. says

    I may be in love :^)

  4. Libb Thims says

    Excellent. I added it to my collection of thermodynamics tattoos at the eoht wiki.

  5. E.a. Higgins says

    Too cool! This makes me ridiculously happy because Rudolf Clausius is my 7th (I think) great grandfather. My grandmother is Sandra Clausius. :)