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You Got Some Darwin on Your Armwin There

Aubrie (@ohheyaubrie) writes in:

My name is Aubrie, I got this tattoo done by Dub at Divinity Tattoo in Phoenix, Arizona. The only real back story here is I am a huge science nerd and I am a hard-ass for the facts of evolution. The extra benefit to having this tattoo is it’s kind of a quick way to weed out the idiots (like the people who don’t know who he is, or the people who after seeing it say, “well what about creationism?”). The coolest thing about this tattoo is that when I met Richard Dawkins he said it was amazing, and that J. Craig Venter now has a picture of me and my tattoo on his phone. Highlight of my life. Also, during the holidays we draw things on him, such as Santa hats or laurel crowns.

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6 Responses

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  1. burritomouth says

    I love how atheism has become more zealous than any religion in recent years.

  2. Matt says

    I regret to inform Aubrie that there is no such thing as "facts of evolution", there are no such things as facts of science in general.

    Huge science nerd, I think not. . . .

    • @flippertie says

      So Matt, you fount of wisdom, is it or is it not a fact that the earth goes round the sun?

    • Alix says

      You can see evolution happen in a Petri Dish. It is in fact, fact.

  3. I.P.U. says

    This is brilliant (the tattoo and the terrified Godders).

  4. Ariadne says

    Love the tattoo, and am really jealous you got to meet Richard Dawkins!!