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Vacuum Tube Tattoo

Not all geeky tattoos have to do with digital stuff, there are still old school analog tattoos out there! Aaron sends in his vacuum tube tattoo from an all valve guitar amplifier and reminds us that “Humans are analog not digital.”

You know, except for that chip in my head that the government is using to monitor my thoughts. There’s no way they could fit a vacuum tube in my head.

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6 Responses

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  1. Alan says

    Great tat! But I think it's on his inner-forearm, not his leg.

  2. Juicy Mary says

    It's on his forearm…I know this because that's the reason I slept with him. He never called me back because he says he refuses to use digital technology and is without a land-line; at least that's what he told me. Sigh. He's probably on an I-Phone or something like that right now.

  3. eriesisgod says

    Every time I am on this site my husband just roles his eyes… Now when I came to this picture he lit up like a kid in a candy store… "That's really well done… whats that a 5881 tube?"… I am a comic/sci-fi geek, he is a guitar geek like no other lol…

  4. Captured Ink says

    Great arwork, that guy must love his music

  5. Bry says

    Hah thats great. But take a look here for all your less-committed types

  6. Bry says

    Oops – mean Here >