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Triforce Tuesday Trampstamp

Adriana sent in a picture of her “Triforce Trampstamp”. She says she got this tattoo while she was on spring break last year. She met a really short guy dressed all in green at her favorite place, Telma’s Bar. She says the guy was a little awkward and nervous at first, but after a couple of White Russians made with Romani milk, he really opened up and they hit it off.

They spent the next week running around having adventures, avoiding getting arrested for the Biggoron sword they found in an old antique shop, and generally raising hell. They had a lot of fun, well except for that late-night skinny-dip in the ocean that ended up in some nasty Biri stings.

Adriana says he treated her like a princess the whole week, culminating in a late night trip to WIld Zero Studios to get tattoos together. He got a triforce on the chest and Adriana got one on her lower back. A bottle of tequila later, she found herself alone in the hotel room with just a note that said, “Sorry babe, had to run off to fight Ganondorf. Had fun, catch you later.”

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  1. Chris says

    Ohh god. <3