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Lego Boba Fett

Every year Kimberly Grant gets a tattoo for her birthday to mark time passing as she grows older. This year’s tattoo was of a Lego Boba Fett, mixing Star Wars with the world’s best toy. But there’s more to it than just being geeky. Kimberly says she got it for two reasons. The first being a tribute to her 3 year old cousin who is dying of cancer. Both her and her mom got Star Wars tattoos (her mom got R2D2). She says that every time she sees young Connor, they play Lego Star Wars together.

The second reason Kimberly got a Star Wars related tattoo this birthday is because she broke up with her boyfriend a week before her birthday (he dumped her via email, what a jerk). He hated Star Wars but Kimberly loves it. So the tattoo is also a constant reminder to “NEVER EVER TRUST A MAN THAT ISN’T A STAR WARS FAN!” Good advice.

Tattoo done at Bill’s Tattoos in Milton, FL.

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