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The Right to Bear Star Wars Forearms

Matt sent in his two Star Wars tattoos. The first is of one of those plastic extendable lightsabers, Darth Vader’s to be specific. It runs along his outer forearm from elbow to wrist. While he was at the tattoo shop sketching out the light saber, he says that the Imperial March came up on the iPod playing over the shop speakers. It was fate. The second is the sign of the Empire, which he and his friend both got after a long stint working on the Death Star, err I mean before they left for college.

If the two tattoos of the Dark Side don’t show you the power of Matt, just take a look at that guy in the purple shirt in the first photo. Yeah, he’s dead, suddenly choked to death because he wouldn’t turn off that Justin Bieber crap. Matt doesn’t like Justin Bieber.

What’s next for Matt? Well he plans to balance out the Dark Side with some good and hopes to get the Rebel sign as well as the toy version of Luke’s lightsaber on the the other arm.

BTW, Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you!

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  1. CJ Tatts says

    Ha ha, the chap in the background is definitely not moving. May the 4th be with you too. Great post.