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Steampunk Trilobite

Stephen sent in his steampunk trilobite tattoo. It’s based on an idea from H.I. von Slatt and is a trilobite of the species Corynexochida Bumastus. Now I’m no paelontologist and sometimes I think steampunk is just “goth with a clock glued to your hat”, but I really dig Stephen’s tattoo. Plus it’s got a good story behind it:

I decided to get a tattoo of a triolbite to celibrate my Grandmother’s life for two reasons, firstly she was inspired to study Geology after hearing about Globigerina ooze, and took it up in her late 60s becoming an avid rock breaker and passionately interested in all things paleontological. She also died quite suddenly and went from being a hughly well know member of the community to no longer here almost over night, much like the trilobite which can be found through out the fossil record world wide until the Permian extinction when they vanish without trace.

Oh, and it gives me an excuse to link to Jon Sarriugarte’s motorized (and rideable!) trilobite.

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