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The Power Glove Tattoo

Power Glove Tattoo
Oh wow, this is a classic geeky tattoo that I’m surprised I haven’t added to the site yet. Many thanks to for pointing me back to it! Although I do have to say that I disagree with Ugliest Tattoos, as this tattoo is awesome. Just plain awesome. Not only does it make me wistful for the late 80s and the frustrating video game sessions trying to get the Power Glove to, you know, work but it also has a nod to The Wizard, another classic movie of that era. That said, I have to say I’m glad that Nintendo finally got the whole motion controller thing right with the Wii. Hey, has anyone gotten a Wii tattoo yet?

As usual with something like this that makes the rounds on the internet, there’s not much info on the owner or artist, so if you know any leads on this, let me know! I’d love to know the story behind this.

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  1. southerngirl says

    this was on ugliest first…