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Stephen Hawking and Star Trek

It’s not every day you see a quote from Stephen Hawking tattooed on someone’s ribcage, but lucky for us Dawn is here to show her’s off. The quote reads, “To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit.” Dawn says she’s “a science nerd with a very Universal look on life, this is of course commentary on the smallness and general Universal unimportance of humans while still emphasizing the beauty of the Inner Self.”

In addition to the Stephen Hawking quote, she also has the Starfleet Communicator on her chest. There are a number of reasons why people get this tattoo; Dawn describes hers:

To me, the Starfleet Emblem represents not necessarily an exact model to follow of how humanity/lifeforms can work together, but a beautiful depiction of lifeforms as we know overcoming the pettiness of truly minor differences and accepting our smallness by forming alliances with one another.

Tattoos were done by Kim Kress at New Rose Tattoo, formerly of the geekily named Robot Piercing & Tattoo.

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  1. tyberius says

    That's one woman I could imagine going straight for.